Monitor your Users' SSH Activity

SSHLog is a free, source available Linux daemon that simplifies and streamlines the process of monitoring and managing SSH access to a server, enhancing security and facilitating troubleshooting.

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Monitor SSH access to servers and detect suspicious activity


Send real-time alerts to the system administrator for immediate action


Record SSH session activity logs for improved security and audit compliance

Keep Your System Secure with Comprehensive SSH Monitoring

SSHLog is a free, source-available project aimed at improving the security of OpenSSH servers by providing an easy-to-use tool for monitoring SSH, alerting on behavior, and recording session logs. With SSHLog, server administrators can track failed login attempts, identify potential security threats, and gain insights into user behavior on their servers. The easily configurable Linux daemon allows administrators to customize the policies that trigger alerts and generate reports and log data to share with team members or auditors. SSHLog is designed to be highly customizable and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, making it an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes looking to enhance their SSH security.

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Easy to Use with Tons of Awesome Features

With SSHLog, you can take control of your server's security by monitoring all SSH activity in real-time and being immediately alerted to any suspicious login attempts. By easily identifying potential security breaches, you can proactively protect your server from attacks and prevent costly downtime. With a simple installation process and an intuitive user interface, SSHLog is the ultimate solution for managing your server's security with ease.

  • Track SSH user activity
  • Monitor unauthorized access attempts
  • Generate log data for compliance and analysis
  • Share SSH terminal sessions with remote users
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Why Choose SSHLog


Improve Security

Monitor and secure SSH activity in real-time

Be Proactive

Receive alerts for suspicious login attempts.

Audit Compliance

Record all SSH sessions for future auditing.

Improve Efficiency

Filter and search logs with ease.

It's Free!

Source available and easy to deploy


Plug-in architecture can add your own custom logic